E-Commerce Platforms: Why a Search Button Is a Must-Have on Your E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website

To some, a search bar is just a rectangular blank that takes space on your website. They view the icon as unnecessary. But do you know that this element can make the difference in your e-commerce website? Take it this way; you have built a well-designed site, listed all your products with each having a detailed product description, and optimized it for the search engine.

But upon launching your online store, you notice the following: your site ranks are declining. Bouncing rates are rising. The traffic and conversion rates are static. You wonder what to do next. Can the lack of a search bar be the primary cause of all these? Well, to answer you, here are 3 reasons why a search button matters on your e-commerce website:

Boosts customer experience

A search button makes it easier for a customer to find the product they want to buy without having to browse the entire site. With just a single click, the customer can land to the page where the product is listed. This saves their time and makes them enjoy purchasing from your site. On the other hand, the button offers you an opportunity to understand what your customers are looking for. This enables you to optimize it in a way that they will quickly find it which is a boost to your customer experience.

Opportunity to develop new keywords

As you know, keywords are the basic SEO ranking criteria. Having a search bar on your website enables you to have an internal search engine. Through it, you can learn new keywords that your target customers are using to search products in your niche. This way, you can use the words in your website content and product description. As you aim at enhancing internal searchability in your online store, you will boost your SEO ranking since visitors using the new keywords will be directed to your website. This aspect will offer you an opportunity to make more sales.

Saves customers’ time

Well, speed is the rule of the business game in this century. Customers are looking for ways to purchase within the shortest time without any delay. Also, they are finding ways to do this more and straightforwardly. Providing a search bar on your e-commerce website helps actualize this desire. To get to the product page, the customers will need a single click. This saves their time and offers you a chance to make more sales.

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